VENSYS is developing new technology for direct feed into the ÖBB power grid

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For the first time, wind power flows directly into the railway's overhead contact line

VENSYS is developing new technology for direct feed into the ÖBB power grid

The world's first wind turbine to produce traction current is to be built in Lower Austria - a Vensys112 with a hub height of 140 meters in a 16.7 hertz version.

The system enables direct feed-in to the overhead contact line, which means that the trains are supplied with wind energy directly and with little loss. VENSYS developed a single-phase inverter technology specifically for the 16.7 hertz network of the railway.

With the construction of this wind power plant in Höflein, Lower Austria, another step is taken towards more environmentally friendly mobility

Plant supplies 6.75 GWh of wind power

With this installation, ÖBB will increase its own electricity generation (by 6,75 million kilowatt hours) from renewable energy. Since this avoids line and conversion losses, the wind turbine also increases the energy efficiency of ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG.

ÖBB CEO Andreas Matthä: “As the number one climate protection company in Austria, we play an important part in the fight against climate change. We have been using 100% green rail power since 2018. With our ten hydropower plants and seven frequency converters, we make a significant contribution every day to enable people to travel in a sustainable and, above all, environmentally friendly manner. Whether with green electricity in the trains or hybrid locomotives, or with electric buses in city traffic, the Rolling Motorway in freight traffic or with climate-neutral train stations - we try to get the most out of climate protection in every area. With the construction of the world's first traction current wind turbine with Vensys technology, we are doing real pioneering work and proving once again that the preservation of the environment and the careful use of resources is a matter close to our hearts. "

"We are pleased to be able to support the Austrian Federal Railways with our unique technology in achieving the goal of expanding renewable energies in the Austrian rail network." Jürgen Rinck, CEO of VENSYS Energy AG

* Traction current: The energy supply for electric railways is called traction current, which historically has developed into different power systems in different countries and different railway companies, which are often independent of the public power grid of a country. In Austria, as in Germany and Switzerland, the traction current network is operated single-phase at 16.7 Hz.

Data & facts

•    Location: Höflein, Lower Austria

•    Status: In planning, planned installation May 2022

•    Project duration: About 1.5 years

•    Current: Railway current 16.7 Hz

•    Power: 2.5 MW

•    Total construction height (rotor blade tip): 196 meters

•     Inverter technology is placed in the tower base

•     Cable length to the connection point: Approx. 8 km

•    Technical service life: 20 years +

•     Innovation: World's first traction current wind turbine