New repowering project awarded to VENSYS in France

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VENSYS Energy AG and RES S.A.S have signed a contract for the delivery of 16 gearless wind turbines Vensys62 with 1.5MW rated power and 49m hub height in the South of France.

RES is to repower its 20.8 MW Souleilla-Corbières wind farm (16 x Siemens 1.3 MW turbines), in the Aude region, initially commissioned in 2001 and the first wind farm built by RES in France, with a new total installed capacity of 24 MW. The repowered wind farm is scheduled to be operational during 4th quarter of 2023.

As this project is very complex with high wind and strong turbulence, VENSYS used its R&D expertise, strongly supported by RES knowledge of the site, to design a new turbine suitable for the site conditions.

This is a big step towards VENSYS’ ambition of becoming a leading supplier of wind turbines in France and demonstrates the added value of the VENSYS product portfolio to address repowering opportunities in France. Thanks to some new developments on its small platforms, Vensys62, Vensys70 and Vensys82, VENSYS is providing tailored solutions to support new or repowering developments with height limitations, permit restrictions or challenging site conditions.

VENSYS and RES also signed a 20-year Long Term Service Agreement. Now VENSYS is expanding its service activities in the South of France.

Jean-Francois Petit, Managing Director of RES S.A.S announced: “As part of its ambitious repowering strategy, RES is proud to initiate this first project on its historic site of Souleilla-Corbières, the first wind farm to be built by RES in 2001. Thanks to the expertise of RES' teams and the innovative and tailor-made solutions of Vensys, we are looking forward to renewing this wind farm for the next 25 years”.

Jürgen Rinck, CEO of VENSYS, added: “We are delighted that RES, a company with a strong engineering and technical background, has been convinced by our know-how and technology. We look forward to working closely with RES and to delivering our first repowering wind farm in France”.

About RES:
RES is the world’s largest independent renewable energy company active in onshore and offshore wind, solar, energy storage and transmission and distribution. At the forefront of the industry for nearly 40 years, RES has delivered more than 21GW of renewable energy projects across the globe. Understanding the unique needs of corporate clients, RES has secured over 1.5GW of corporate power purchase agreements (PPAs) enabling access to energy at the lowest cost. RES employs over 2,000 people and is active in 10 countries. In France, RES has developed over 1.7 GW of wind and solar energy and employs 250 people. 

About Vensys:
VENSYS Energy AG is a leading German manufacturer of direct drive permanent magnet wind energy converters, with platforms ranging from 1.5MW to 6.2MW, headquartered in Saarland, southwest of Germany. VENSYS is also part of the Goldwind group, one of the largest wind turbine manufacturers worldwide with over 13GW of wind capacity installed in 2020 only. Currently wind turbines using VENSYS technology account for more than 60GW worldwide. For more information, visit 

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