Drohndorf – Largest Vensys wind farm in Germany has gone into operation

In Saxony-Anhalt, the existing 12 MW wind farm with four Vensys120 has been expanded with the installation of twelve Vensys136.

The turbines of the 3.5 MW platform have a hub height of 132 meters and serve the IECIIIa low wind zone.

The wind farm is the largest VENSYS wind farm in Germany. The wind turbines are a consistent further development of the VENSYS product family and do not require a gearbox or a complex drive train.

The wind turbines were erected together with the company Max Bögl, which used the hybrid tower (concrete-hybrid) 2.0, the first hybrid tower of the second generation.

From now on, 54 megawatts of power can be made available at the connection point.